Fingerboard Deck Wraps

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Unwrap the fun with your new deck wrap

Let’s get creative with what your deck can look like! Roswell’s helps you express yourself to make your creativity shine through. Whether it’s a colored checkered design, an outrageous print, or a neon skull-and-crossbones pattern that aligns with your style, showcase it with our deck wraps. These thin adhesive vinyl upgrades give a radical makeover to your oldest and dullest fingerboard in minutes.

With the endless possibilities brought to life by Roswell’s, your deck is about to give you a lot of new fun!

Rock the ramps with a stylish fingerboard deck wrap

Your unique skills, movements, tricks, and deck make you stand out from the crowd and assert your specialness. With dozens of color options for base wraps for decks, you have plenty of room to maximize it. 

With our wraps, you: 

  • Get striking-quality visuals that make your setup a stunner
  • Can perform any trick without fear of damaging the surface
  • Make your board one-of-a-kind 

All our prints use the highest-quality inks for dazzling colors and durability. Whether you are going for a minimalist look or something wilder, our printing technology gives you crystal-clear, vibrant graphics that last for ages.

Fingerboard wraps by Roswell’s are sized 105mm x 38mm and fit neatly on almost any deck. Applying one is as easy as ABC: merely peel off the backing strip and stick it. To smooth the edges (if needed), use 120-150 grit sandpaper. The deck wraps are removable, and you can change them as often as you like. 

Make them all turn heads: Upload your own fingerboard wrap design

Why settle for a boring wrap when you can have one that’s as unique as you are? Welcome to the wild world of your own deck look creation with Roswell’s!

It’s time to unleash your inner artist, customize your board, and turn your deck into a statement. You can upload any design, from sports teams and logos to that particular photo or drawing. Whatever you choose will be second to none and easy to add to your board. Our custom deck wraps are made in high resolution, using the same tough adhesive vinyl. They won’t fade over time, unlike ordinary sticker paper.

After uploading the image, sit back and wait for your custom design to arrive. You will receive it as 6 pieces to wrap up all your decks.

Get glittery

If your fingerboard feels a little drab, take it up a notch with some glitz. Our glitter fingerboard deck wraps let you catch attention while giving your board some added protection. They contain glitter particles – not some imitation ones – so your board will radiate wherever you go. Just picture yourself carving around with a hint of shimmer or ollie-ing into admiration. Your future’s so bright once these wraps are applied to add a finishing touch to your board.

With a deck wrap by Roswell’s, you will always look different from amateurs on the block. Bring some of your personality into the world of fingerboarding!