Homies Big Heads (Pelon)


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Homies Big Heads
Pelon is named for his bald head (Pelon means “bald” in spanish). He always wears dark shades wheather indoos or out. Basically a hustler, he is always selling hot merchandise, from cell phones to microwave ovens, which he keeps in the back of his lowered ’41 Chevy panel sedan. Pelon has got what you need. Pelon like the wild hardcore looking cholas (Homey girls). He is always looking for new ladies because he has bad luck in keeping relationships with the girls he meets. Pelon is Smiley’s main Homey. Always dressed in black or charcoal grey with gloves and suspenders. Pelon stays creased and spit-shined. He is the most cholo looking of the Homies. Pelon openly has a crush on Gata, but she continually disregards him, as she does all guys.