Fingerboard Rails

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Defy gravity with Roswell’s fingerboard rails

Nothing can compare to the thrill of flying high and grinding on a rail. But whether you are planning your first grind or have done it a thousand times, having the right balance of sturdiness and curves is essential if you want to show off your moves. And the key to mastering those is finding your best fingerboard skate rails.

The rails by Roswell’s can withstand all your extreme maneuvers as they are made to be durable. Besides, they come in different colors and styles that help you customize your ride. 

Our rails offer the perfect amount of challenge for your skill level. With them, grinds, slides, and manuals are more achievable. You will be pulling off tricks that make your friends do a double-take while breaking the laws of physics by hanging in mid-air during the process.

Get ready to shred with your new fingerboard board rails

Check out Roswell’s rails to prepare for lift-off. To start exploring your wildest board-spinning dreams, scrutinize our most popular type – the fingerboard grind rail unequaled for your maneuvers. Decide which version is up to par for your current purpose: 

  • The standard grind rail – a long rail preferred by experienced users
  • The mini grind rail – a small rail for novices

Various types of fingerboard rails offer different levels of difficulty and reward. Once you are comfortable with the basics, start honing your skills to achieve more. For the next stage moves, you can:

  • Go with one of the flat finger board rails. These are easy to set up and great for grinding and transferring onto other objects.
  • Upgrade to a curved rail, perfect for a challenge chaser. It allows you to do a much smoother grind but requires much more skill.
  • Pick angle rails unmatched for ollies and other tricks if you are a veteran. These will encourage you to forge your skills to an even greater extent.

With the right fingerboard rails for your deck, the world is your oyster. Add them to your other obstacles, warm up your wrist, and rise into the air!

5 Reasons to master the art of the grind with Roswell’s rails

With some determined practice, you can push your limits and pull off those amazing tricks you have only seen in videos. Here’s what our board rails for fingerboards can do for you:

  • Make it easier to do tricks and tough grinds
  • Help you stay on track and increase your speed
  • Add stability to your moves with reliable designs
  • Make them look cleaner and more professional
  • Help you progress more quickly than without any obstacles 

Remember, rails are not for grinds only. They are your starting point to discover plenty of other options to experiment with and master exciting maneuvers. They are best paired with more obstacles, such as grinding boxes, ramps, and benches.

With your new cheap fingerboard rails from Roswell’s, your fingers are all set to do their magic. Keep them safe and grind to defy some gravity!