Skateboard Wheels

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Skate wheels to keep you rolling

Are you new to skating, or have you already mastered the art of technical tricks? No matter your experience and skill level, Roswell’s has plenty of skateboard wheels for any setup. 

Discover the wheels of different hardness, sizes, and types. Whether you are a cruiser skater, street enthusiast, or freestyle rider, you can make your board complete. Grab a new set of wheels and hit the ground rolling!

An array of skate wheels for sale

Snag a pair of wheels for your skateboard based on how you want your board to feel when you are out. To do this wisely, here are some suggestions you can use when shopping with Roswell’s.

Your perfect wheel size

How fast do you want your board to go, and what level of acceleration are you determined to achieve? At Roswell’s Skateboards, you will find small, medium, and large skate wheels for any boarding style. 

Go with smaller options for rapid acceleration and slower speed. Larger wheels will let you shift into a higher gear for speed and offer more balance, making them a great choice for your daily commute or first skateboarding experience. Whatever your preferences are, there is the right pair for you.

Hardness is the name of the game 

When you come to Roswell’s Skateboards, you have no limits in picking your new skateboard wheels based on their durometer rating. All enthusiasts can snatch super-soft and extra-hard options to fit different terrain and riding styles. 

Need more grip during your street rides? Go with softer wheels. For more speed, you may want to upgrade to the next hardness level.

Summon your wild spirit

Go fancy and wild. Accentuate your boldness when on the board. Select the wheel color and style that resonate with your spirit, and here you go. You are ready to pull off heelflips, ollies, nollies, and other crazy tricks at a skatepark while garnering attention, thanks to your cool deck and its components.

Good cheap skateboard wheels

The price tag should never keep you from riding up, down, and around on your board. That is why Roswell’s Skateboards maintains skateboard wheel prices that are friendly to all skaters. There’s no feeling you are taken for a ride.

At the same time, quality is always up to the mark. Despite Roswell’s low skateboard wheels prices, all our pairs have reached shape and hardness excellence. We use sturdy and impact-resistant materials for optimal durability and other characteristics you admire when skating.

Your setup needs it – You deserve it

Up your skateboarding game with the finest components. Explore skateboard wheels for sale at Roswell’s and click on the pair that looks like the final missing piece of your setup. When you’re ready to install it, enjoy our easy checkout process and everything in between:

  • Flexible shipping options throughout the USA and internationally
  • Free returns
  • Exclusive offers for wheels and other skateboard components

Can’t wait to have smooth rides and flawless skate transitions? Well, take your pick!