Fingerboard Grinding Boxes

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Fingerboard grinding boxes for all-level fingerboarders

Have you mastered some of the obstacle-free fingerboarding moves? You’re all set to take off in a different direction and buy obstacles for an advanced experience. Of all the choices you can make, opting for a grinding box is the best splurge, especially for beginners. That’s how you can practice one of the basic moves – grinding. But if you are an old hand at this sport, a grinding obstacle will also work like a charm for letting you hold onto your virtuosity.

As you build your at-home park for upskilling and look for a sturdy box, Roswell’s is more than happy to offer something for your skills.

Boredom-busting finger board grinding boxes

Are you bored out of your mind? Get our fingerboard grind boxes – they are tons of fun. Practice smooth grinding, a flawless noseslide, or do the front side. That’s how you can kill time and reach excellence in every move. Day by day.

It’s not enough to catapult your deck up into the air. You’ve got to teach your muscles to react fast to do tricks. When you have the right obstacles at hand, it’s always easy to repeat the moves.

We craft boxes that will let you perform a variety of tricks and become a better fingerboarder, no matter what level of rolling and jumping you are currently at. With our grind boxes, there’s room for growth for everyone. Are you already good at grinding? Awesome! But there are so many other things you can do on your box, like 50/50s and slides, to name a few.

Fingerboard grinding box for smooth grinds

Every flawless grind starts with essentials. As you already have a fingerboard, it’s time to get a first-rate box. Our boxes are made in the USA and will be perfect additions to your park because of their quality, longevity, and precise detailing. 

What does it mean in action? Here is what sets our grinding boxes apart:

  • Made of solid wood to ensure longevity and fantastic performance
  • Carefully polished for grinds
  • Reinforced edges with galvanized steel for added sturdiness and surface smoothness
  • The box bottom has adhesive properties to stick to the surface better
  • The surface doesn’t slow you down
  • Wood parts are nailed for a long-lasting service

The reliable obstacle for endless entertainment – this is what you get from Roswell’s. Your box won’t fall apart even as you apply some pressure. So, no matter your style – step-by-step or aggressive – your grinding piece can tough it out.

Excited about getting a fingerboard grind box?

We stand for speedy order processing for every customer. When you place it with Roswell’s, we will pull out all the stops to send your finger board grinding box your way as soon as possible. However, note that the shipping time isn’t only our responsibility – it may take time for the carrier to deliver your obstacle to your doors. 

But no worries. You will be updated on your order status.