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Best fingerboard obstacles to add more fun to your fingerboarding

Are your fingerboarding skills good enough to move on to tricks rather than just rolling your deck back and forth? Now that you’ve got the hang of the basics, it’s time to practice with more advanced fingerboard obstacles than those LEGO bricks. There are hundreds of tricks you can do on a fingerboard, but some essentials are necessary before getting started.

Roswell’s Fingerboards is all into fun fingerboarding. Made in the USA, our benches, grinding rails and boxes, ramps, and other fingerboard obstacles for sale will add variety to what tricks you can perform with your board. Grinds, shove-it, nose stalls, kick flips — you name it!

Sturdy and lightweight fingerboard obstacles

You don’t want to learn tricks with obstacles that may split in half once you land on them with your board. Doing grinds and flips requires a durable piece that can handle the pressure you put on it and won’t get full of cracks when you perform your first professional moves.

What makes our fingerboard obstacles the #1 choice for fingerboarders of all skill levels is that they are made to withstand the way you ride. Whether your fingerboarding style is somewhat aggressive or you’re doing tricks with the utmost care, our wood and granite obstacles are incredibly durable to complement your fingerboard park.

Premium-quality wood obstacles are great for doing tricks at home or taking them wherever you go. Small obstacles like benches, ramps, and boxes are extremely lightweight, making it easy for you to carry them in your backpack. Even if you opt for stainless steel rails, you won’t need an extra hand to bring them to any place you’d love to ride.

Granite obstacles are perfect for fingerboarders building an at-home fingerboard park. These are highly robust to survive the hardest tricks but are heavier than wood options. However, bringing a granite twist into your own park is always worth it!

Realistic fingerboard obstacles to perform real tricks

Have you ever been to a skatepark? Let Roswell’s Fingerboards take you there again as you choose from our fingerboard obstacles online. Made to mimic every inch of real halfpipes, benches, and ramps, our products make your fingerboarding experience nothing but real.

When riding and doing tricks with our fingerboard street obstacles, you’ll feel as if you’re skateboarding in a skatepark. We create them with a sharp eye for detail. This makes them perfect for learning advanced moves and even transferring your skills to a skatepark in the future.

Can’t wait to get over obstacles on your fingerboard?

At Roswell’s Fingerboards, we can ship most fingerboard products worldwide. Whether you’re looking to do your first grind or practice ollie on a ramp, order now and get the best obstacles for your fingerboard park.

Shipping fees may depend on the weight of the products you order. But with our cheap fingerboard obstacles, you will never brace yourself for paying a lot!