Fingerboard Wheels

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Enjoy a bump-free ride with the best fingerboard wheels for sale

Want to fingerboard like a pro? You can’t perform the most exciting tricks and try different riding techniques until your setup is fully assembled. Finger skateboard wheels make your tech deck roll, so it’s paramount to select the right ones. If they fail to spin fast enough, you will unlikely enjoy it.

Roswell’s Fingerboards is a team of keen fingerboarders, and we’re here to share our passion with you. With our high-quality fingerboard parts, you can be sure to get everything you need to make the trickiest moves on all surfaces.

Whether you’re learning the ropes or mastering tricks like an ollie or kickflip, it’s time to get the best fingerboard wheels. Made with solid, durable materials, our wheels ensure a great spin and an ideal balance of grip features. Once you install a new set of wheels that are suitable for your trucks, a new way of riding will instantly open up for you.

Order fingerboard wheels online to boost your riding experience

If you’ve always dreamed of learning to skateboard but think it may be dangerous, fingerboarding can become a handy alternative to master tricks while taking all the dangers out of the equation. Plus, it’s much cheaper and easier to replace broken fingerboard parts than if you’d hit a real skatepark.

To get started with your pocket-sized setup, get cheap fingerboard wheels for your trucks. They come in bearing and non-bearing options, to say nothing of colors. You can easily select what fits your deck, including wheel and grip colors. If you’re all set to customize your fingerboard, don’t overlook the distinctive features behind your wheels to stand out from other fingerboarders.

Looking for wheels that squeak, as you powerslide or make a turn? Go for urethane fingerboard wheels. They are very responsive, designed with accuracy, and suitable for a range of decks and trucks. It’s a good idea to stock up on these fingerboard wheels so that you can quickly swap broken ones for a new set to keep making your favorite moves.

You can find detailed information about the specifications of all our wheels on the product pages. Please note that all the wheels allow you to opt for lock nuts for an additional fee. These can be a smart investment if you’re going to fingerboard indoors and outdoors.

Buy fingerboard wheels made to bring precision into your setup

No matter what trucks you use, CNC bearing wheels are the gold standard for most options. These affordable yet damage-resistant wheels are a top choice for amateurs and those with impressive experience under their belt as they turn any rough ride into a smooth experience.

With Roswell’s Fingerboards, you can upgrade your DIY setup without breaking the bank. Even though we cooperate with the top-rated fingerboard wheel companies, all our products come at reasonable prices. You can also save on shipping costs by placing an order over $49 to be delivered within the USA or $89 for other countries.