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Get better at fingerboarding with granite fingerboard obstacles

So, you own a fingerboard and have even got the knack of rolling it in style. But your skills need to be taken to a new level. The caveat is that those ollies, kickflips, pop shuvits, and other tricks require some robust accessories to master. This is where granite fingerboard ramps and benches will help you learn and embrace a unique style.

Welcome to Roswell’s Skateboards, a place where you can snag the best fingerboard obstacles made of granite. They are so sturdy that your fingerboard park will look like a fortress to ride through! 

Durable granite fingerboard pads, benches, and more

Picture this: you become so excited about practicing fingerboarding and jumping over obstacles that a snapping sound interrupts your experience. The ramp gets cracked. The money is wasted. And you can no longer do tricks until a new piece arrives. Have you ever been there?

Roswell’s is all about equipping your fingerboard park with USA-made granite fingerboard ledges, pads, ramps, and other stuff that lasts. We use the same granite that is known to be an igneous rock. This park-tested stone is one of the hardest and strongest available these days. It can handle the pressure you put on it when you land your fingerboard and is immune to developing cracks over time. 

Additionally, the texture of granite makes it resistant to abrasion. No matter how hard you try to upskill the way you fingerboard, Roswell’s obstacles will look spotless.

Fingerboard granite obstacles bring the real skateboard grind feeling

Put your mini skatepark together to challenge yourself every day. Then make it complete with Roswell’s obstacles. Whether it’s a granite fingerboard ledge or rail, we have you covered to ensure you have the same thrilling rolling and grinding experience you would have with a skateboard.

Most importantly, your fingerboard park is easy to customize. Add as few or as many obstacles as you want. If you’re a beginner, you may find it nice to start with a simple configuration. As you grow your skills, you may make room for improvements with other accessories to create more complicated conditions for your fingerboard.

We make every fingerboard granite ledge, launch pad, or ramp with attention to detail. We also jet-cut and round the corners for the smoothest grind and to make it convenient for you to pull off tricks without hurting your fingers.

The best for your fingerboarding experience

Have you already found a granite fingerboard bench to slide through its surface for a perfect grind? Are you looking for other rugged obstacles to hone more advanced tricks? Roswell’s is the right place for you to shop because we:

  • Can send our USA-made granite fingerboard obstacles throughout the USA, Canada, and other destinations
  • Bring exclusivity to every granite piece and your unique Bad DNA series
  • Don’t charge more for the weight of your granite obstacles

Set up the miniature version of a real skatepark with obstacles that suit your fingerboarding skills!