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Choose your fingerboard grip tape for a flawless grip

When recreating skateboarding tricks using a fingerboard, you need the same elements a standard-sized skateboard has. In particular, you want a reliable fingerboard skate grip for spotless traction as you learn new techniques with a tiny skate replica.

You want it – you get it. At Roswell’s Skateboards, plenty of grip options for your fingerboard type and size. Add vibrant colors to your setup and achieve the desired level of grip and softness with our tape. Which one is the right grip for your decks – just keep exploring.

Fingerboard tape for everyone

Created by fingerboard enthusiasts immersed in every detail that may affect your experience, Roswell’s is the place to be for superior-quality fingerboard components that will fit your needs. We have fingerboard skate grip tape for skilled pros and neophytes, so you can pick one that works good for your deck.

Whether it is for your collection or competition, we will help you add a fancy look to your deck with colored fingerboard grip tape. The variety of colors and designs won’t limit your hunger for self-expression when letting your fingers go wild. Classy black or neon yellow? Plain texture or a snazzy print? It’s your call!

Worried about grip tape width or thickness? Roswell’s Skateboards is here to create tape according to the desired parameters. Even if you can’t find the proper width, it’s not a big deal, as all the products are easy to customize.

Unleash your deck performance

Our fingerboard skate grip options are touted for perfect adhesion, so you can apply them to wooden and plastic decks. The grip tape surface is superior, too. It securely sticks to your fingers and breaks loose when you make those 360 flips. It’s neither too thick nor too soft – a great all-rounder for a board feel without hurting your fingers.

Buy one piece of grip tape, or opt for a pack. Some listings include a free Glow in the Dark (GID) feature for those who grab 5 sheet grip packs. 

Irresistible fingerboard tape offers

Nothing will stop you from pulling off advanced fingerboard tricks. Get the best accessories and components for your deck and hone your skills.

We maintain competitive prices on the entire assortment of grip tape for fingerboards. At Roswell’s, quality and affordability are always a pair that goes together. Yet, these are not the only perks of giving your deck an updated look with us:

  • International shipping with shipping rates adjusted to your destination
  • Free returns with a full refund within 30 days after delivery
  • Unique offers and price-slashing deals

We’ve made it easy for you to track your tape or other products. Go to the Order Status page and enter the order ID you have received in your confirmation email. That’s how you always stay in the loop and know when to expect your order.

Get a never-failing grip and customize your fingerboard for a professional look with colored fingerboard grip tape!