Fingerboard Trucks

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The best fingerboard trucks for any budget

So you’ve finally got your dream 100-mm fingerboard deck. But before you get terribly busy popping your fingerboard and mastering advanced flips, there are a few more things to grab. No setup is complete without fingerboard trucks — not to mention the wheels you’ll mount to them later — and you should certainly think about the price to get the best ones for your deck.

Why are trucks so important? While the deck is all about the look and feel, trucks can make or break the convenience of doing tricks with your setup. Too wide or too narrow trucks can be detrimental to your fingerboarding experience, making it hard to fingerboard even on the flattest surfaces.

How can you be sure your trucks are the best for your deck? Shop for fingerboard trucks for sale at Roswell’s Fingerboards! Whether you’re searching for single axle or tech deck style, pro tuned adjustable trucks, we’ve got many options you’ll want to mount to your deck without paying a great deal of money. The most common width options and irresistible colors are all here as well!

How to set up professional fingerboard trucks

Putting the trucks together is the first step in setting up your fingerboard. Finger skateboard trucks are usually shipped with screws, nuts, washers, and bushings. What you need to do is grab a baseplate and put on a washer, then the large o’ring. Then install the trucks’ hangar. Put on a small o’ring and a washer on each of the kingpins. Then screw a nut on the kingpins, and your trucks are ready for the next step – assembling the wheels!

How to choose the right fingerboard trucks?

The only factor you really need to pay attention to is the size of the trucks. Choose between 25mm, 29mm or 32 mm depending on the width of your deck. Wide fingerboard trucks that extend further than the deck make it hard to do tricks. For the optimum maneuverability, choose trucks that are slightly narrower than your deck.

Shipping and returns

Roswell’s Fingerboards online store offers worldwide delivery. The shipping cost and time will be automatically calculated at the checkout depending on the weight of the item and the delivery option you chose. Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the purchase, you may return it within 30 days upon the delivery provided that the items are unopened. You can also expect a full refund and shipping cost compensated if the return is a result of our error. It usually takes around four weeks for customers to receive the refund.

Affordable fingerboard trucks for everyone

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to sustain your fingerboarding hobby. We strive to set reasonable prices on all of our products to make sure anyone could find a suitable option for their budget. What is more, you can always count on coupons and special promotional deals to make our fingerboards and spare parts even more affordable. Skate with Roswell’s Fingerboards!