Roswell’s Natural Complete Fingerboard


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Roswell’s Natural Complete Fingerboard
Here is a nice lineup of Natural Fingerboards.
As always you have had a choice from day 1
 Deck width, Deck color, Grip color, Base plate color, Hanger color, Bushing color and Wheel color
RD-2 is a good starter board mold. It has deeper concave and a little higher kick.
RD-5 is a good second board mold. It has a little shallower concave a lower kicks.
Decks are available in 30, 32, and 34mm widths.  All are 100mm long
You have a choice between Tech Deck Style Trucks and 
Roswell’s Famous Trick Trucks (Pro Model)
Each complete fingerboard comes with o-ring bushings and CNC Bearing Wheels