DogTown Crew Fingerboard Decks (Stained)


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DogTown Crew Fingerboard Deck (Stained)

The RD-2 &RD-5 Wood Fingerboard Deck is our next version made with a metal mold and a CNC mill for a perfect trimming and drilling of the deck. Each deck is 5 plys of rock hard Canadian maple veneer, the RD-2 was designed with a medium/deep concave and a medium kick for a faster flip, this is the fingerboard deck to learn on. The RD-5 is a lower concave and a little lower lick to help slow the trick a little. And are also available in 30, 32 and 34mm widths.
Our wood stained fingerboard decks are available in 5 different colors with your choice of widths and grip tape. You can choose the shade that suits your needs. Our decks, are all made with professional quality, giving the fingerboards a totally realistic pop.
Unlike other fingerboard company’s these are not random choice, you can actually choose the mold, color and width.