Fingerboard Bearing Wheel and Truck Set


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Fingerboard Bearing Wheel and Truck Combo
Includes 4 Bearing Fingerboard Wheels and a set of 32 or 34mm Shaped Fingerboard Trucks. Your Choice on width and colors

Single Bearing Fingerboard Wheels
  • They are available in 6 Colors. 
  • Each set comes with 4 Bearing Wheels
  • 7.5mm Dia x 4.5mm Wide

Here are some very good quality Fingerboard Trucks
They are single axle and come complete with all the hardware.
Axle Nuts, Axle Washers, Truck Mounting Screws and a Tool.
You also receive your choice of Grip Tape, either the solid color skateboard type grip or the world famous Good Ass Grip Tape. The best fingerboard grip on the market.