Homies Big Heads (Chuco)


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Homies Big Heads
Chuco is short for Pachuco, which is a lowriding, zoot suit wearing Chicano from the 40’s and 50’s. He will be the baddest dresser of the Homies. His shoes will be spitshined, his shirts starched and creased, and his pants razor pleated. Every time we see him he will be completely dressed to kill. When he enters a scene, we hear ooh’s and ah’s from the veiwing audience admiring his clothes. When he walks, we hear a drum sound (cymbals) from the forties, used heavily in the movie Zoot Suit by Luis Valdez. The ghost Pachuco in the movie Zoot Suit (protrayed masterfully by Edward James Olmos) is a perfect example of the style, moves, personality and speech of “Chuco.”