Homies Big Heads (Smiley)


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Homies Big Heads
An extremely happy soul who loves to have fun and just party, party, party. Smiley will be the heart of alot of jokes and gags. In serious scenes he will be the “comic relief.” Every comment coming out of his mouth will be either humorous or idiotic. Smiley has no problems with anyone and is game to try absoulutely anything. Smiley falls in love with every girl he meets. He is a woman-chasin hound-dog and can’t control it. He drives a ’64 Chevy Impala convertable that is world famous as a record-holding “Hopper.” He works at a hydraulic installation company called “Homies Hydraulics.” Though he works, he is always broke and bumming money off the other Homies. Smiley never removes his bandanna or his dark shades. He is also an excellent mechanic and does the upkeep on the Homie’s cars.