Soft Fingerboard Doh-Doh’s / Bushings Kit


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Soft Fingerboard Doh-Doh’s Kit

You now get 6 O-rings (2 Large 4 Small)

Here is a soft bushing kit for your Fingerboards and Teck Decks

Comes Complete with 2 Large and 4 Small Doh-Doh’s and Washers

along with a Roswell’s Sticker

Try the 3 O-ring Style. The Trucks have a recess where the O-ring rides.

They were made to fit the small O-ring, but everyone uses the large one.

what that does is not only squish the bottom O-ring, instead of seating it. And it raises the height of the king pin to inhibit clean grinds.

If instead you use the large O-ring, followed by a small O-Ring then the hanger, another small O-ring, the small washer and finally the kingpin nut. It sets up the small O-rings to ride corrct and it also lowers the kingpin in the hanger for much cleaner grinds. The nut is now out of the way and you dont have to pay those outragous prices for tuning.